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Rain Art Collection: Bridging the Gap Between Iranian Art and Western Art Lovers stablished in 2003, Rain Art Collection ( previously known as Sara Gallery ) embarked on its artistic journey in Iran, leaving an indelible mark on the realm of handicrafts. Collaborating with renowned Iranian artists specializing in ceramics, wood, metal, and glass, Sara Gallery swiftly gained recognition among passionate handicraft enthusiasts.

With a commitment to promoting Iranian art globally, Sara Gallery transitioned into Rain Art Collection upon immigrating to Canada in 2014. Under this new name, the gallery has continued to flourish, captivating audiences with its exquisite collection.

Driven by a mission to foster cultural exchange and appreciation, Rain Art Collection actively participates in numerous art exhibitions, events and pop up shops. These platforms offer an opportunity to showcase the exceptional craftsmanship of Iranian artists to a wider audience. Through these events, Rain Art Collection seeks to serve as a bridge, connecting Iranian artists with art aficionados in the Western world.

At Rain Art Collection, we pride ourselves on curating and presenting a diverse range of handmade works that embody the rich cultural heritage of Iran. With a keen eye for artistic excellence and a dedication to nurturing cross-cultural connections, we strive to ignite a newfound appreciation for Iranian art among Western art lovers.
Discover the beauty, intricacy, and profound artistic expression of Iranian handicrafts through the remarkable collection at Rain Art Collection. Join us on this captivating journey as we transcend geographical boundaries and celebrate the fusion of artistry from East to West
Sara Mirjavadi

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